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Hi Jaspers,

I'm trying to deploy the Jasperserver WAR distribution to Weblogic (10.3.6). I do know, that the Jasperserver-Pro should be used for Weblogic Deployments.

Nevertheless the package contains kind of a beta Weblogic Deployment already.
If I configure the file with all it's installation properties, I do see the parameter "appServerType" which can have the value "weblogic". Unforunately the comment of this parameter contains "(beta)", which sounds a bit like try and error approach.

Anybody having some hints for such a set-up on Weblogic for the Jasperserver 4.2


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Hi, Beta means that we don't fully support installing onto Weblogic using buildomatic, but You can try it on your own risk. The easiest way would be to do that on vanilla Weblogic install, but we highly recommend you to install that manually using Install Guide, which addresses all required steps.

Anyway if you would like to try buildomatic, then do next:

  1. set appServerType = weblogic (remove beta)
  2. set right appServerDir
  3. also check the file \buildomatic\conf_source\templates\ you can find there "Weblogic specific settings" section - verify that your Weblogic setup has the same properties
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Thanks for your answer. I'll give it a try and let you know. But what you mean by "recommend you to install that manually using Install Guide". Isn't this Install Guide just part of the Enterprise Edition, whereas the Community Edition isn't available for Weblogic? I'm still searching for a working install guide.
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