Crosstab - concatenate values in measure...

Hi all,

i'm having a little problem with crosstab design.

As a measure im using string, not a numeric value, and i would like that all string values in one group are concatenated.

Currently only last string value is showing in data cell.

Here is an example.

This is list of users:

userId=1, ageCategory=Senior, type=assistant, name=Mike

userId=2, ageCategory=Senior, type=assistant=Jane

userId=3, ageCategory=Junior, type=helper=Jake

I would like that my crosstab shows concatenated string for Seniors/Assistant as "Mike, Jane"

Now it only shows "Jane".

Is it posible to concatenate many string values from different datarows in one big string for the same row/column group?

thx for assistance,



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1 Answer:

Which type of calculation setting on cell of table?
Try to use Calculation = Sum  in value expression for data cell.  
And it may be required to write:
Incrementer (implements JRExtendedIncrementer)       and
IncrementerFactory (implements JRExtendedIncrementerFactory)    classes on java

I am make this for calculation sum on crosstab where cell of crosstab is complex data. And it's work fine.
I am think that for cell of table it's also will be work (for calculation in cell = "Sum" and set your incrementer)

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Hi sanbez, thx for advice. I've implemented my own String CSV Incrementer that is called when Calculation is of type SUM. This Incrementer concatenates multiple string values in CSV format and displays in data cell. Marko
riki - 10 years 7 months ago