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I want to generate a report that has a subreport in it. The main report will have a type parameter in the text to print and the subreport. The subreport also only have a type parameter also print text. The report will not have datasource. They can give me an example, including using java code.

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Hi.In the master report,drag the subreport element  from the palette and drop that element in the title band.Then ur subreport page will open;Do the following:1:Create new report 2:write the query according to ur need 3:add parameter and rename that. 4: go to the query sec ,there add this parameter.5:then come to the master report.6:click on the subreport element and go to the property of subreport 7:in the last of the property set the paramameter what you  have added in the detail report. Make suure that both report should be taking same parameter value.

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