Greetings all, 


This is my first time using Jaspersoft, and I am not familiar at all with this product. 


I am trying to connect to Cassandra from JasperReports Server. I went ahead and downloaded the "", but know I am not sure what file (.jar) is the driver. 


Is the "cassandra-jdbc-1.0.5-SNAPSHOT.jar" the driver for Cassandra? Do I need to copy this file to a specific folder? --attached


Also, I am trying to connect to Cassandra on iReport. I added the Cassandra plugin to iReport (CassandraPlugin-0.5.1.nbm). the Cassadra Connection is showing under the Datasource, but when I try to connect to the cassandra database, I got the error "No Connection". ---attached

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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I'm not sure what explains that "No connection". What versions of iReport and Cassandra are you using?
mdahlman - 10 years 6 months ago

From where are you donloading the cassandra connector ?

I tried from but seems like it refreshes the page and nothing gets downloaded.

sandy.rajath - 2 years 7 months ago

1 Answer:

Normally it's best to start with iReport. I'm not sure why that connection is not working.

Once that's working, then you can get the connection setup in JasperReports Server. The steps needed are listed here:

A few links were broken and items mangled in the move to the new community website yesterday. But we're looking into them. Basically, you just unzip that zip file and copy everyting into the JRS directory. Match folders with the same names so you get a new file in bundles and several .jars in the lib directory. (The one you mention is necessary but insufficient.) You also need to remove the the Hive jar files because of a Thrift conflict. I swear that info was on the wiki page... but I don't see it now. To be precise, here's how I "remove" the files on a Linux system.

mv WEB-INF/lib/hive-common-0.8.1.jar     WEB-INF/lib/hive-common-0.8.1.ja_
mv WEB-INF/lib/hive-exec-0.8.1.jar       WEB-INF/lib/hive-exec-0.8.1.ja_
mv WEB-INF/lib/hive-jdbc-0.8.1.jar       WEB-INF/lib/hive-jdbc-0.8.1.ja_
mv WEB-INF/lib/hive-metastore-0.8.1.jar  WEB-INF/lib/hive-metastore-0.8.1.ja_
mv WEB-INF/lib/hive-service-0.8.1.jar    WEB-INF/lib/hive-service-0.8.1.ja_
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