How to display Reports from Jasper Report Server on Iphone

By using the Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for iOS we want to Develop native iOS applications to execute and view reports from your phone or tablet .
But we are not able to find the REST Services in Jasper Report Server.,
Can anyone help us identify how to find we are able to find Web Services.

Thanks in Advance,

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3 Answers:

i don't know if you have look at the code, but it seems that the URL is the following


I hope i'm not wrong, i just use it from 2 hours :)

don't forget to define the user and password, with ASIHTTPRequest.





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REST API is available only from JasperReports Server 4.2.1 and greater.



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 I was able to get logged in once I figured out what I needed to put in for the url but it shows the repository as totally empty and if I try to create a folder I get an error 401.  Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong.  I'm running against a trial version of JasperServer-pro.



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