Problem with Different User Types

Downloaded the mobile app, plugged in the URL, username, password etc. And it works, if I use jasperadmin as the user and you can see the entire repository. The problem is when you want the user to go to only one "organization". Tried the following steps:

1. Created a Demo Organization on the server (4.2.1, Commercial)

2. Created a Demo user with access rights of ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR for the Demo organization.

3. Plugged in all the required fields in the mobile app.

4. In the organization field, put in Demo ( the org I just created)

If you try to login, no error messages, but empty repository shows up. I have even tried putting in /organizations/Demo/ in the org field, but nothing seems to be working. Any idea what is going on?

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2 Answers:

 Try putting in the user name as user|organization. Kind of goofy, but it works for me. The SOAP web service documentation discusses this even though the app is using REST.

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I just logged this as a bug
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