Unable to View Dashboard from IPad


Jasper report4.2 support for report view on IPhone/IPad , report am getting on IPhone, but unable to view dashboard on IPhone/IPad. I tried with simple report on dashboard but while click on dashboard view it shows blank screen

Kindly please help.


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2 Answers:

Dashboards can't be consumed from web-services. You'd have to use the native browser to look at dashboards. In theory you could modify the app and display through an iframe for dashboards though
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I have the same problem. I have deveoped a dashboard of 4-6 reports and selected "Proprotion" property on the dashboard designer. The reports on dashobard were overlapped. Adjusted them and had a  preview which was Okay. But when we see the same preveiw bu passing  viewAsFrame=true in the  URL, it doesn't work. 

I used Chrome, safari, Mozilla for testing .. None of the browsers worked with viewAsDashboardFrame=true parameters. Is it a bug in jasper 5.5 ? We need this option to work properly as we need to embbeed our dashoards in websites where users will only access from iPads.

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