JasperMobile and JasperReports Server 4.5

From all I have read on the site, does jaspermobile only work with jasperreports server 4.2?  I have a 4.5 community install and have not been able to get the application to connect to the server.

The url is entered as http://oursite.com/jasperserver/. We currently have an alias set up for the jasper login page (http://oursite.com/jasperserver/login.html) so perhaps the actual IP address has to be used?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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2 Answers:

It should work with v4.5.  Are you using v1.1?

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I just installed JasperServer on our Windows Machine, v4.7. 

I downloaded JasperMobile for iOS and tried connecting to:


but I keep getting in invalid server response UIAlert.

I can view that same URL on a web browser.  I dont understand what is wrong.

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