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 Hi ,

I know business objects and OBIEE BI tools, and have recently moved into the NoSQL(cassandra) space. 

Great to hear theres a free jaspersoft cnnector

a) Whats the latest version of apache cassandra/datastax cassandra supported?

b) In Traditional BI there is a concept of a metadata layer - in jaspersoft for cassandra- is there a metadata layer, or do developers handcode the CQL behind EVERY report required by business?






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 Also, how can one publish the reports to a common portal and grant access to other users to be authenticated via LDAP? Is there any similar login like an OBIEE  or BO which can be used by an organization;

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You'll get a better reponse on the JasperServer forum (instead of the JasperAnalysis forum where this is posted). The front page of the Big Data Project links straight to it.

a) Cassandra 1.0
b) You write the parameterized CQL in a report definition. As the CQL JDBC driver improves, it should be possible to link Jaspersoft's metadata layer (Data Domains) to this. But it's not possible yet.

Refer to the Cassandra Connector documentation for more details.

Bonus question: "how can one publish the reports..."
Use JasperReports Server. It's downloadable from or (Community Edition or Professional Edition respectively).


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