How to streach HTML component into many pages in iReport if data is too big


hi all,

I want to make an iReport which shows body of letter.I have taken an HTML component which displays content of letter(because,it can also includes Table,HTML font etc) and it may be of huge data..So,how to strech the content of the letter into real size into several pages??It's urgent.

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2 Answers:

 I'm not sure I understand what issue you are running into.  If you are using an HTML component and it grows beyond a single page of content, is it not coming out as multiple pages? It is possible that the HTML component does not break across pages and you might be better off using actual text fields, the list component, etc.

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Hi mgeise,
It is not possible to use text fields. If so we would not be asking that question. This is not an answer for the question. Our question is that: is it possible for the html component to show data in multiple pages. More important than that if it does have a little set of html component we think that this should be mentioned clearly somewhere in the documentation because the component name implies as its name is "html" the users understand that it has capability of other jasper components that it can show its content on multilple pages.

thanks .

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Hi subhajit1704,

Did you ever have an answer (solution) to your question? I'm actually stuck, I got the same problem.


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