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I'm now trying to get a (3D) pie chart with iReport 4.6.0 running on an Ubuntu workstation.

It's doing fine, I could even select colors for series, etc... but one thing I just can't do so far is to display something else than the "Label expression" for each slice...

Setting {0} {2} to the pie's "Label format" should give me something like "MyLabel 10%", but it just keep displaying "MyLabel"...

I tried the set of provided themes for the same result.

At first, I did not want a legend, but I found that setting {2} to the "Legend label format" was working, I mean I get percentages in the legend, which could be a work around...

Last point, with {0} {2} in "Legend label format" I get the "Key expression" and the percentage, not "MyLabel 10%".

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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