Jasper Reports Support for .NET web application???


 I am currently researching for a good PDF generation library which we need to use in our .NET web application. From the internet, I found Jasper reports are powerful library but I am not able to find whether this supports .NET framework or not.

 If it supports, Please let me know the details how to use these reports in .NET web application. 
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Please help,
how to create a dashboard form crosstab in jasperserver.


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 Probably using jasper just as a PDF generator is an overkill, but if you need to add reporting capabilities to your .NET aplication, then is a diferent story.

To integrate you can use the exposed APIs from .NET to create your reports. Or even better you can use iFrames to leverage the Jasper Server  UI into your application. 


Chech this links:



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