Jaspersoft Studio 1.0.7 Just Doesn't Work!


 I'm running the standalone version of Jaspersoft Studio 1.0.7. 

I was able to connect it to my development JasperServer CE 4.5 server as well as to a Production JS CE 4.2 server.

I was able to create a database connector to my SQL Server database.

I have NOT been able to test the connector, in fact when I kill and restart the studio because it sits there and does nothing, the two data connectors replicate themselves in the listing but deleting one, deletes both.

I have NOT been able to create a new report (SQL Query) as when I go to get the fields from the data connector, I get a "Progress Information" popup with the line "Use initiated job" and nothing happens.


I will be reverting back to iReport until Jaspersoft Studio really works.


Running Java7, Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit

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