HTML markup. ul and ol lists render trouble.


     I have trouble with displaying <ul> and <ol> in TextField with html markup enabled.

     For example if i have such HTML:


        <li>first item</li>

        <li>second item with very very long text</li>

        <li>third item</li>


    and if width of text field is less than length of second item's text and causes it break on several lines then JR renders next line before list's bullet (or number) like it shown on the first attached screen, but desireable behaviour is shown on the second attached screen. So please advise is there any place where I can manage this? Or it's a kind of bug?



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It would be really really nice to see lists get some love. This same issue has been a thorn in Jasper's side since at least 2005 given that's the first time I reported it myself. The HTML Component unfortunately is not a viable alternative to enhancing the basic html support of the textfield as it renders an image that cannot break across pages.
scottbentley - 10 years 8 months ago

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