Released: JasperReports Server Community Edition v4.5

Announcing JasperReports Server Community Edition v4.5

JasperReports Server 4.5.0 now includes the following:

  • Evaluation Central - Jaspersoft is pleased to provide this resource as a gateway to new users exploring the Jaspersoft BI Suite. Point your browser to for tools, documentation, and support to evaluate our solutions. This one-stop shop helps you complete your evaluation and engage with the Jaspersoft team when you need us. Note that this location covers both Community and Commercial features. 
  • Improved Report Viewer:
    • Interactivity - Reports created with JRXML table components are now interactive directly in the server's Report Viewer.  Users can sort the table by clicking one or more column names and filter displayed rows by right-clicking the column name, selecting an operator, and entering a value.
    • Excel output format - New export options in the Report Viewer produce true single-page spreadsheet output in Excel and XLSX format. These options run the report again to seamlessly fill tables and crosstabs, so that the spread-sheet is ready for further data manipulation in Excel. The previous Excel and XLSX options are still available with the Paginated label. The paginated options do not run the report again (faster), but may contain page artifacts such as column or row breaks.
    • Interface - The Report Viewer has been improved to show the report name at the top and move pagination controls above the report contents.
  • Web Services REST API - In this release, new REST (Representational State Transfer) web services provide complete access to repository resources and server administration. Remote applications can now manage users and roles through RESTful methods. In addition, the REST methods are enhanced to interact with scheduled jobs.
  • Security - JasperReports Server now has enterprise-grade security through the integration of a comprehensive security framework. This new security framework protects the server against common security threats. Customers can configure the security settings (switch on/off or change the security rules) based on their perceived threat level.
  • Database Server Support - JasperReports Server now supports MySQL 5.5 as an RDBMS host for the repository database. You must provide the required JDBC driver for this platform. Refer to the Installation Guide for details.
  • Code compilation support for Java 1.6. With this release, JasperReports Server no longer supports Java 1.5. This means that all Java 1.6 code syntax is now fully supported.
  • Fix to issue found in 4.2.1 where the View > Repository context menu was missing the Add Resource > File option. The menu option has been restored. 
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