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I just take over some project which is about jasper reports. The problem is that all that I have are reports on the jasperserver (3.5) repository.

When I connect to the repository using IReports, I cannot change directly on the server. When I click on some of the report from repository (using IReports) it opens some temporary file (like file_123112312.jrxml) and all changes on that file do not reflect on the repository. I also try to "publish" report but IReport gives me wizard to deploy as a new report (which I don't want, I only want to change existing one).

Is there any way I can use those reports (and change them in IReports) since I don't have source .jrxml files, only files from the repository?



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Yes, you can edit the reports in the repository and save them back to the repository. Attached is section 4.4.7 of the 3.5 JasperServer User's Guide that explains how to do it.



When you double click on the JRXML file, the JRXML is extracted from the repository and stored in a local copy into the directory <USER_HOME>/.ireport/jstmp. The server gives the file a temporary name (like file_123112312.jrxml).

The JRXML source is automatically opened in iReport.

To restore the modified file on the server, save it in iReport, then select the file entry in the iReport repository tree, and click the save icon on the iReport plugin toolbar (see image of this icon in section 4.4.7).

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Yes, that definitely works.


Many thanks!

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Hi There, I am new to Jasper Reports. I am tasked to create a Clients reports and users have to pull reports based on certain period. eg. Date between 01/05/01 and 17/05/2013. Promts needs to pop-out for them to input date range values.

MySQL syntax:
`DBName`.`tblName` Members
(tblName.Club = 145
AND tblName.Status = "Canc"
And Cancel_Date BETWEEN $P{StartDate} and $P{EndDate};

I have created 2 x Parameters and named them as:"StartDate" @ "EndDate".

These are the details added to Parameter properties:
Parameter Name: <please see from my syntax>
Parameter Class: java.uti.date
Use as a Prompt: <checked>
Default value expression: <left blank>
Description: <left blank>
Properties: <left blank>

Reports are pulling nothing and i did research but i could not find a relevant answers. Please could you assist me on this as i am new to both MySQL and Jaspersoft. My skills are on Ms SQL.


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