Need help compiling from source - NB 7.0 IDE, Platform 6.5.1, iReport 4.0.2

 Which part am I missing to compile iReport 4.0.2 from source:


Installed NB 7.0 IDE (full)

Downloaded and extracted platform 6.0.1 (from old guide I guess)

Added this as a platform in NB

Downloaded and extracted platform 6.5.1 

Added this as a platform in NB

Assigned harness as 6.5.1 in platform 6.5.1

Downloaded iReport src

Opened project - Assigned to platform 6.5.1


I am attempted to compile and getting:

C:\\source\\iReport-4.0.2-src\\ireport-designer\\src\\com\\jaspersoft\\ireport\\ cannot access org.openide.util.Lookup

class file for org.openide.util.Lookup not found


I assume this would be from the platform, but not quite sure where to look to get the right thing.

A little help is appreciated. Thanks!


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1 Answer:

None of the devs will help with this issue (I think there is an unofficial non-disclosure policy), so all I can suggest is what I did for developing an iReport plugin.

Actually use Netbeans 6.5.1 to develop with. The project will not compile using any other version of Netbeans- at least not out of the box. I struggled for days to try and get it to compile using NB 6.9/7.0 and eventually gave up.

I hope that one day the devs will maybe produce an up to date howto for NB7, or at least check in properly configured build files for later NB versions.

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