Missing properties in Datamatrix component (min-symbol-size and max-symbol-size)


I'm using iReport to produce a paying-in slip following the specifications of the Italian mail service (Poste Italiane) and almost everything worked as expected. I hit a problem with the datamatrix though: the requirements are to produce a symbol which has the shape of a rectangle and the number of cells must be 48x16. After a little googling I discovered that Barcode4J can accept a parameter for the min and max  size of the barcode (they are min-symbol-size and max-symbol-size, from here: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=20110210135048.6305.60BA733C%40jeremias-maerki.ch&forum_name=barcode4j-users), but on iReport these parameters are not exposed, and forcing them by hand in the xml file ends with an error because they are not managed.

Is there a way to add them? I'm open also to download the source and recompile iReport with some modifications.

Thanks in advance

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