Deploy Reports to JasperServer Through Shell Script?

 Hi all,

Is it possible to deploy reports somehow automatically, through a shell script or something like that?

I know that you can deploy reports manually through the JasperServer interface and iReport, but we have need to automate our report deployment through shell scripts.


Please let me know if this is possible.




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2 Answers:

Hi Nichole

Two ways of doing this :-

I do this using ANT scripts - which could be called from a shell script.

You need to look at the documentation around buildomatic which comes with Jasper. It basically is a bunch of ANT scripts for manually building/installing yourself such as ANT targets for creating and populating tables in the DB.

 Take a look at the JasperServer Install Guide and Installing from WAR File Distribution for more information.


Or :-

Take a look at the js-import/js-export command line tools for exporting/importing. You would need to use js-export anyway to export your reports to be able to install/import them.

Cheers - hope this helps


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Hi, there are a tool for doing that on
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