use of Oracle Berkeley DB with Jasper Reports

I am reading InstallAndGettingStartedGuide for Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition now.

It seems that its content is out of date. For example, topic "Installing In iReport" says:

1. Copy the dbxml support jar to iReport's lib directory. The file to copy is {install_dir}/lib/jasperreports-dbxml-<version>.jar. Copy it to {ireport-folder}/lib

But there is no directory 'lib' in {iReport-folder}.

Because of the same reason I cannot fulfil item 2.

Item 3 suggests to modify file 'startup.bat' in directory {ireport-folder}/bin. But again there is no such file in the directory. And so on.

I would like to know if it is possible to use Oracle Berkeley DB with Jasper Reports.

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