help on java beans datasource example

 hey everybody, I got a few problems in understanding the application-context file for the javabeans datasource example :(


<bean id="myCustomDataSource" class="com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.engine.jasperreports.util.CustomDataSourceDefinition">

<property name="factory" ref="customDataSourceServiceFactory"/>

<property name="name" value="myCustomDataSource"/>

<property name="serviceClassName" value="example.cds.CustomSimplifiedDataSourceService"/>


I dont understand all of these elements...

What I understand is, that <property name="serviceClassName" value="example.cds.CustomSimplifiedDataSourceService"/>  should point to the javaclass, which implements ReportDataSourceService .


but I dont understand the firs 3 lines:

I assume, that "bean id" just needs to be a unique key to identify the bean, but which class do I need to call there?

And what about line 2 and 3? I neither find files nor methods named "customDataSourceServiceFactory"  or "myCustomDataSource" in the whole sample project :(


I think I just need a push into the right direction ... plz help me out :(





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1 Answer:

Are you working off of the <js-install>/samples/customDataSource example? And does the readme.txt in that folder help?

If not, probably we need to add additional info about the actual configuration to the readme.txt.

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