Multi axis charts and overlapping bars

While using multi axis chart with two bar charts, I observed that bar series are overlapping each other. Here are the details -

Chart 1 : Series Expression : "Downloads (MB)"

                  Category Expression : "Date downloaded"

                  Value Expression  : "Download size in MB"   (y axis on left)

Chart 2 :  Series Expression : "Number of Files Downloaded"

                  Category Expression : "Date downloaded"

                  Value Expression  : "Number of Files Downloaded"  (y axis on right)

Information is coming from database. And version of iReport is 3.7.1

When report is generated it shows proper information, but bars are overlapping. Because of this at some occurrances, bar for "Downloads (MB)" hides "Number of Files Downloaded".

Is there way where overlapping can be replaced by adjacent bars.

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1 Answer:

Anyone had any luck on this one?

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