Forcing new Date() to be printed in a specific language?

Hello, I have a problem , I'm using iReport 3.7.6, I setup a textfield with New Date() as expression, and the proper date format, it works fine in my computer( it is printed on Spanish, which is the language that I need), but when I run the report from a Red Hat Server, using GlassFish, the date appears in English, and I need it on Spanish, as it shows when I run it locally, is there any way that I can force the date to show only in Spanish? I would appreciate any help, thanks!


UPDATE: I just got it ,sorry for the inconveniences, here is the sintax if someone need it:

(new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("EEEEE dd MMMMM yyyy hh:mm aaa",new Locale("es", "ES"))).format(new Date())

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Thanks mister, this helps me a lot!!!!!! smiley

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