How to connect to a Sqlite database ?



I have a Sqlite database, I would like to connect to with iReport.

As the jdbc drivers'list doesn't show any Sqlite jdbc driver, I've dowloaded it via the Tool -> Plugin menu -> Sqlite jdbc driver.

But after this installation, the jdbc drivers list doesn't show any jdbc SQLite driver.

Is this normal ? What is the way to install a SQLite jdbc driver and to make it appear in the combo box of the drivers'list ?


Thanks in advance.




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I've the same problem. Did you solve it?
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Here we are almost to the end of 2012 and I still cannot connect JasperSoft to my SQLite database on OpenSuSE Linux. I have been trying for... almost 4 years now... really frustrating to say the least.

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Hello, for those who continue to have this problem as I want to say solve, maybe it's useful for someone else. 
My problem was the connector used, which was not correct, if you open the *.jar contains classes you will see that the original jar contains very few classes, what I did was download another connector and ready. 
I leave the link where to download it:
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Hello Everyone I have solution for your sqlite jdbc driver. I am working with netbeans.

First download sqlitejdbc.jar

You have to go in iReport   Tools - > Options - > Classpath then click add jar and add downloaded sqlitejdbc.jar file.

Now to connect to database. First select Jdbc connection. Still after that you didn't see sqlite driver in JDBC driver combobox. So wirte in that " org.sqlite.JDBC" and in JDBC url type "  jdbc:sqlite:sqlite file location" For example  "jdbc:sqlite:E:\\Workplace\\Db_test\\project2.sqlite".

then click test if you given any password then type password else leave it blank.smiley



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