How to use tJasperOutput


Can anyone write a short description, how to use tJasperOutput component in JasperETL?

I want to make reports with JasperETL, but now I don't know how.




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4 Answers:

Hi Robert,


If it's still relevant:

Goal of this component is to use a Jasper xml file (jrxml) to produce report.
tJasperOutput receives data from another (any input) component.

In general, it fills a temp csv file with the data from the input rows.

In the end it launch the csv + JRXML transformation => pdf xls or whatever output depending on the JRXML.

Parameters are:
- the tmp file path (directory field)
- the jrxml file (file field)
- the schema from the input


Also, keep in mind .jrxml compatibility with different version of jasperreports library: Jasper xml files created with latest releases can cause issues when trying to launch with older versions of JasperETL. This compatibility is well tracked on the Talendforge:





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Thanks for the info.


I am getting the intermidiate csv file created with data  but the report file is not having the data init.


Kindly help.




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I got it working :)
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 Could someone help me, I get the csv file but I have the message:

"Exception in component tJasperOutput_1 C:\\JasperETL\\workspace\\test.jrxml (The system cannot find the file specified)

at Method)

at<init>(Unknown Source)

at<init>(Unknown Source)

at test_jasper.test_0_1.test.tMSSqlInput_4Process(

at test_jasper.test_0_1.test.runJobInTOS(

at test_jasper.test_0_1.test.main("


I don't know how to use the component exactly so maybe I do something wrong.

Thank you for you're help.

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