Does ICE support inline tables in OLAP schema?

I am newbie. I am using ICE with jasper server.
In my OLAP schema, i have an inline table.
Following query is being generated by the jasperserver which is running on Infobright database

select `pt`.`id` as `c0`, `subs`.`value` as `c1`, `acc_g`.`type` as `c2`, date_format(request_date,’%Y’) as `c3`, date_format(request_date,’%m’) as `c4`, sum(`fd`.`usage_count`) as `m0` from `npg_page_type_view` as `pt`, `fact_details` as `fd`, (select 1 as `id`, ‘subscribed’ as `value` union all select 2 as `id`, ‘unsubscribed’ as `value` union all select 3 as `id`, ‘unknown’ as `value`) as `subs`, `npg_account_parent_view` as `acc_g` where `fd`.`page_type` = `pt`.`id` and `pt`.`id` in (‘19’, ‘20’, ‘1506’) and `fd`.`subscription` = `subs`.`value` and `subs`.`value` = ‘subscribed’ and `fd`.`account_id` = `acc_g`.`child_id` and `acc_g`.`type` = ‘Group’ and date_format(request_date,’%Y’) = ‘2010’ and date_format(request_date,’%m’) = ‘01’ group by c0, c1, c2, c3, c4

The result of this query is

The query includes syntax that is not supported by the Infobright Optimizer. Either restructure the query with supported syntax, or enable the MySQL Query Path in the brighthouse.ini file to execute the query with reduced performance.

If i remove inline table from OLAP schema or replaces inline table with database table then it works fine.

Does it mean Infobright does not support inline tables in jasperserver?

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1 Answer:

For future reference, this question was asked and answered on the Infobright forums here.

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