Connecting to MS Access from Ireports




I wonder if some could Kindly please help me.


I want to be able to access a database file which is in MS access 2003

How do I setup my Connection properties in order for me to do this

JDBC Driver


the file is in this directory C:\\db1.mdb




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I have finally done it after 12 hours of searching different forums and here is the solution if anyone else has this problem.


I am using Ireport Version and Windows xp


what I did is as follows


I had to setup a a DSN for Access database

To do this I went through these steps


1. Goto start and control panel. Select administrative tools.

2. In that select DataSources (ODBC).

3. Click on the right side pane. click Add button

4. I selected Microsoft Access Driver [*mdb]

5. click finish

6. Goto select and find the databse name on the drive. Select the location. (Here you are finding the database file you want)

7. Once you have found the file click okay

8. Leave system database has none

9. Put a name in the Datasource call it what ever you want

10. go to right panel and click okay

11. Find the Dsn name added to the list. (Just to make sure its there)



Now we set that up we now setup Ireporting

1. Open it up

2. Click data on the top menu its next to Format

3. click Connections/ Datasources

4. Click New button on the right panel

5. Select Database JDBC connection

6 .Click next

7. Name : Type a name in call it what ever you want

8. JDBC Driver: sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver

9. JDBC URL: jdbc:odbc:???????

10. In the question marks you put the name you called the datasource on step 9 on how to setup setup a a DSN for Access database

11. Server address: leave blank

12. Database: leave blank

13. Database: leave blank

14. Username: leave blank

15. Password: leave blank

16. Test it make sure it connects okay

17. Click Save

18. Select the datasource you have just done and click set as default


I am just a newbie on Ireporting I hope this will of some use for all those newbies outthere




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