input controls to pass parameters in hyperlink

all the other threads on here pointed to the samples, but, our admin did not install the samples.

Can somebody PLEASE walk through this procedure?

I have a report on on a dashboard on Jasperserver, that shows a chart.  I want to link a series on the chart with a new report, taking a value from the dataset item as a parameter.  call it $F{CALLTYPE}, it's the series label.  The new report opens in a new browser window/tab.

The report that I want to link it to has a parameter "Series" defined, which it uses in its query.

On the first report, I did the following:

Click the chart and do Edit Chart Properties
Chart Data tab
Dataset Items subtab
Click the dataset item, then Modify
In the window that pops up, go to the Item Hyperlink tab

I selected Hyperlink target = Blank

Then Hyperlink type = ReportExecution

Under the Link parameters tab, I created the _report parameter, and pointed it to the repository location of the second report unit.

Then I defined the parameter "Series" and pointed it to the field $F{CALLTYPE}.

When I see the first report in the dashboard, I can click on a series, and a new window opens, and the title of the report appears, with "report is empty" underneath.

From another thread, I figured out that the parameter is getting passed in as NULL.

However, there was some explanation about making an input control on one of the reports...

Well that is my problem, I have tried a couple of other reports also that need to use an input control to give it a parameter, and they don't work either.  The Ultimate Guide does not adequately explain how to connect the input control to a report.

Can anybody help me figure out how to get this working?

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