Page Numbering and The Column Header Band

Hi guys, got a couple of questions.  I'll attach my .jrxml and sample data

  1. See how I'm page numbering in the upper right?  I've been asked to reset that page numbering when the web_form_id changes from page to page, how would I do that?
  2. On the top left, do you see how we're concatentating first_name and last_name, below it the web_form_id?  When we page up on our PDF viewer, we're noticing that those numbers aren't reflective of the data below.  For example when the report loads, Page 1 "Casey Wise" is the applicant with web_form_id=27337.  When you page out to #5, the data below is from web_form_id=27340 but the top of the page in the Column Header band is showing web_form_id=27337.  I figure I'm missing something about how the Column Header band is working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Casey Wise

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