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I am new to iReports and need to exend a report that someone else developed.  The original report wraps a List into a JRDataSource class and uses that as a data source for the report.  Each record in the List is a line item.

Due to the modifications I have to make... I need to add another dimension to the report.  I found the tutorial on subreports which is exactly what I am looking to do so I know it's possible.  I just need some help figuring out how to set the report up in my particular use case.

The tutorial uses the data source of the master report (which happens to be a DB connection) to execute the query and the input parameter to restrict the results to the relevent items for the record.  

If my datasource is a list... can I use a property in the line item object to store the subreport data (as a set or list) and reference that data in the subreport or do I need to set a separate record set somehow?



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