custom HTML between subreports?

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I know that I can use the HTML_HEADER and HTML_FOOTER exporter parameters to replace the standard HTML exported by Jasper with some of my own.  I would like to be able to do something similar to insert some HTML between two subreports.  Ordinarily, I would assume that the solution is to do this using staticText or textField elements in the JRXML, but the HTML I would like to use contains tags not supported by the standard HTML exporter.

I'm assuming that to do what I want to do, I will need to override some method in some class in the HTML exporter chain of events used by exportReportToWriter.  Can you suggest what might be the best class/method to override to do this?

I'm learning a lot digging into the internals of Jasper - it's kinda fun seeing how things are put together from the JRXML into the finished report :).


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