Subreports not anchoring to top of page

My report includes about a dozen subreports.  Each one is preceded by a page break (break, sub, break, sub, break, sub,.....).  They are layed out vertically in iReport with a little space betwen each one.  Each of these subreports and their corresponding page break has a 'print when' expression tied to a boolean that checks an input control collection to see which subreports the user wants to include.  Everything lines up ok as long as the first subreport is chosen.  However, if the user only chooses a subreport that is positioned in the middle of the page in iReport designer then the resulting output will read the page break correctly but anchor the subreport to the same spot as on the designer.  All the subreports and breaks are set to float.  Otherwise they all print on top of each other.  How do I get the subreports to always anchor to the top of the page?

Also, I've noticed that anytime you use a subreport and page break (even if you just have one of them) it will not anchor the subreport to the top of the page but instead to the top margin of the page.  If you open the subreport up separately it is sitting at -20 from the top.  I'm using the blue template all the way at the bottom of the report wizard screen.  I can manually push the subreports to the left -20 but I can't put them all at the top that way because you can't let them overlap or the output overlaps.

The only thing that seems to work on subreports is setting everything to float and putting page breaks in front of them also on float but you still have the issue that it's moving the subreport inside the margins of the parent report.  Wouldn't it make more sense to use it's own margins and just print as if it was appended to the master report instead of merged in with it?

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