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I am new to iReport and have been asked to create a business price quote using this application.

I purchased  Giulio's book 'the definitive guide to iReport' but I can not find the answers to my questions below.

1) when I print my quote, the lines do not print ? Although I can see them in the pdf format

2) how do I reference 1 of many values that have the same field name?

  eg I have multiple item numbers but I want to capture the value in 1 ( item 45-0900/ I need the associated description of this field)

Once I have captured this value , I will populate a field in the title band.

right now this field is item_id but the description field is item_descr used for every item's description. When I try to access this field, I get the last value not  item 45-0900 description. I do have a field @id but when I try this I get the same results/ the last value that is in the item_descr field.


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