3.7.0 Can not Read CSV Files

I have a project that I am trying to create using iReport 3.7.0 that will read data from a CSV file to produce the report. When I try to read the file my text field is filled with the column names from the file on the first page then the remaining pages are blank, but there are only up to the number of records in the file.

When I try the same jrxml and file in version 2.0.4 everything works correctly, except my first page has the column names in the fields. The remaining pages have the name and address as expected. If I check to ignore the first line of the file in connections dialog box the report fails to generate correctly.

I am using a class to format the addess correctly and this will work when getting the data from a database table in either 3.7.0 or 2.0.4. Has anyone else had this problem?

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