2 pass report

Here's the problem:

User runs a report which results in ~100 rows w/ sub-totals & totals etc rendered as a nice pretty & portable pdf.  So far, so good.  Now they want to remove a few lines (for various business reasons) from this particular run of the report.  Can't efficiently be done in pdf.

Here's the work-around:

User get's the report output as MS-Excel and then "cleans" the data and the prints to pdf from Excel.

Here's my proposed solution:

2 "coordinated" reports.  report 1 renders the 100 lines in an html table with checkboxes on each line.  the user then checks the lines to be redacted and submits the form.  a custom servlet stores the IDs of the lines to remove and then returns the results of report 2 which is the report we use now set up to ignore the redacted data.

I suppose on a subsequent run of report 1, it would automatically check lines which had been checked in a previous run.

Make sense?  Possible?  better way?



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