Gantt chart overlapping schedules

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         I am working on generating a Gantt chart and trying to bring in overlapping schedules, viz, for example, if I have a task which have 3 sub tasks, A, B, & C, which happen b/w 01/Dec - 03/Dec, 02/Dec-06-Dec, 04/Dec - 08/Dec respectively, the sub-tasks of the main task have some overlapping schedules.

       I want to plot the schedules against the main task and show the 3 sub activities correspondingly with different colors in the same row. If the schedules are overlapping, the lines representing the overlapping schedules should also overlap.

     In the current default graph, the lines are plotted one below the other. Are there any chart options which can be modified. With very minimal documentation, I am hardly able to figure out an option to achieve this.



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