JDBC Data Source – How to set parameters in URL


Hello all,

I am running an installation of JasperServer 3.0 and using Oracle 10g as a JDBC Datasource target.

I need to set up one parameter in connection URL but it seems there is no input field nor possible to write it directly into JDBC URL – connection fails then.

Is there any way to do such setup?

Thanky you in advance for any suggestion. 

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1 Answer:


you might want to try to configure ur datasource first in ur server.

1. copy ojdbc14.jar \\jasperserver-3.5.0\\apache-tomcat\\common\\lib

2. edit context.xml in \\jasperserver-3.5.0\\apache-tomcat\\webapps\\jasperserver\\META-INF and add oracle config with the additional parameter on the <url>

    <Resource name="jdbc/oracleDS" auth="Container"
              type="javax.sql.DataSource" driverClassName="oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"
              username="wtf" password="wtf" maxActive="20" maxIdle="10"

3. edit web.xml in \\jasperserver-3.5.0\\apache-tomcat\\webapps\\jasperserver\\WEB-INF and add config below

     <description>Oracle Datasource example</description>

4. configure a new jndi in the jasper server data source page.

select "jndi"

specify the name....

specify "jdbc/oracleDS"

5. now you can reference this datasource in ur reports.




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