Perl and Java in the same project?

Hi. I was wondering if it's possible to use both Java+Perl in one project. In current version of JasperETL, at time of creation of project we have to select a language and once the project is created in that language, there is no way to convert to the other one . That does not seem to be the best approach and it prevents any attempt to optimize using mixed languages for distinct steps according to language strength...

I do think JasperETL is a pretty nice tool, but what if I want to have my project both in Perl and Java, or to mix them?


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That's a good question... and a complicated one. The answer is that you can NOT use Java and Perl in the same project and this is not likely to change soon; but I think I can give some explanation here.

When the Java code generation was added several months after Perl code generation, there was a question to decide where to separate Perl and Java for components organization: create 2 directories "perl" and "java" inside the "components" directory, create component_perl.xml and component_java.xml inside a single component directory, use the same XML description for Perl and Java.

The conclusion was: use the same directory for a single component, share the labels file, everything else is separated. The advantage is that the 2 programming languages don't have to wait for the other. If it wasn't done this way, each time an option is added in a Perl component it would have broken the Java component.

I absolutely agree that ability to use both Perl and Java in a project would be beneficial. As far as I know, guys from Talend had a brainstorming session about the ability to create Perl and Java jobs in the same project. The conclusion was that it was too complicated...

You may actually want to check the realtive topic on talend here

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