How to set up a hierarchy in Domain Designer

Please bear with me as I'm new to JasperSoft products (I'm working through the documentation, trying to demo my application in Pentaho & JasperServer to see which is better for us to deploy at our site.).

In particular, am trying to set up a hierarchy in JasperServer, by defining a Domain in the Domain Designer.

E.g. I'd like to be able to have nested levels of data as in:

  • Books
    • Fiction
      • Book title 1
      • Book title 2
      • ...
    • Nonfiction
      • Book title 1
      • Book Title 3
      • ...

In this example, 'Book title 1' is used twice because for my situation, two 'books' are not the same unless they have the same path through the hierarchy. I.e. Books->fiction->Book title 1 is not the same as Books->Non-fiction->book title 2, and I would like end users to be able to turn on (Books->fiction->Book title 1) while turning off (Books->Non-fiction->Book title 1) in the JPivot table of an interactive analysis.

Said differently, I have successfully set up 'Fiction/Nonfiction' as a column, and 'book title' as a separate column, and these show up as nested in the JPivot analyses. However, that is not the behavior I need: If I deselect 'book title 1'  checkbox in a JPivot analysis, "Book title 1' disappears from under the 'Fiction' *and* the 'Nonfiction' sections; I can't select them separately.

I have done this in Pentaho using their Schema Workbench, resulting in a data cube that users could see for analyses.

However I did not see how to set up such levels in the JasperServer Domain Designer tool, and I haven't been able to figure it out myself.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me to the documenation on how to do this, or explain how it can be done?


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