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Questions specific to the use of JasperServer and JasperAnalysis working with Infobright should be posted here. That includes things like, "I can't get the sample reports that are attached to this project working" and "I can't figure out how to download some part of this project".


But questions that address one of the products specifically should be posted directly to the relevant forum. Not here. Example of this sort of topic include, "The ICE bulk loader is slower than I expected. How can I tune it?" and "How can I get my report to show ABC at the top instead of XYZ?" Questions like these should be posted to the Infobright and Jaspersoft product forums. Links to all of those forums are available right from this project's forum listing.


Both this forum and the other product forums are actively monitored by Infobright and Jaspersoft as well as by thousands of community members. Thanks!


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