¿Table element in Jasper report ?


Hello, that's another question crazy:

¿JasperReport has a table element, i mean, a element that works like an HTML table?.

¿the only way to design a report with jasper report is through the iReport?


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dont get ur question
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Well, I try to design a report with this format, ( look de image in the attachement), but my problem is even more complicated, imagine a report on races, each race is a column of the report, but the number of races that will have your table which is the same as saying the number of columns you do not know at design time, because today is to ignore race A, and tomorrow is going to add a race B, finally, this table can not be designed in advance, this table should be built at runtime, and must have the format of the table in the photo.

¿can help me with some idea.?

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You have use the columnar report. Go to report properties and select 'More' tab. Select the print order as horizontal. Select as many columns you need on your report in the columns tab. Remember you cant have indefinite columns since it is limited to the page width you select. Let me know how it goes. The columns boundaries will be faintly visible on the report layout once you do this. The race 'Men' or 'Women' will be part of single columns.

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I think what you are showing in the picture is a crosstab. And JasperReports does support crosstabs. You can take a look at the sample in the /demo/samples/crosstabs folder of the JR project distribution package.

You can see one of the samples here:


I hope this helps.



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