How can I get the name of a node of a XML Data Source in Ireport??

Hi everybody, this is my problem:

**** My XML file

<ConjuntoPropiedades id="i703e9eea-49a3-41ad-bdf4-785c0e32784d">
                 <Ancho xsi:type="TipoPropiedadFloat">
                 <Area xsi:type="TipoPropiedadFloat">


*** I want to get the node names inside node Dimensionales, in this case are 'Ancho' and 'Area'

*** That xpath in XML Spy : ConjuntoPropiedades/Fisicas/Dimensionales/*/name() return two strings 'Ancho' and 'Alto'.

*** But in ireport 3.0.0, that expression fail.

*** The question is if it's possible to get the node names in a XML Data Source with the xpath function name() in iReport or in other words, how can i get a XML node name in iReport/JasperReports.





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