print expression dynamically !


I am need to show the status on my report. ie when already my report is printed and the user is printing for second time or more i must show as 'DUPLICATE' on the report.

For this i am having a column in my database where column name as 'STATUS'. The values in the database showup as 'Printed'. But i want to show as Duplicate on the report. I dont have any permissions to update my  database column status values from Printed to DUplicate.

How can i show alias value here for printed as duplicate on the report.

How is this acheived in our Jasper Reports.

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1 Answer:

You can use a simple text field expression for this:

<field name="StatusColumn"/>



  <textFieldExpression>"Printed".equals($F{StatusColumn}) ? "DUPLICATE" : ""</textFieldExpression>





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