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I have configured datasource as oracle DB in ireport and am doing a select on a table. Is it possible to create a custom function or expression while adding a variable in ireport?
Below are some of the things i am trying to do:

1) Need to calculate the total on a column. But the data from DB is in varchar (mixed with numbers, NA, etc...). So i have to check the data and if has number, i have to convert it to big decimal and calculate the total. I tried inbuilt total function but, since the data from DB is varchar it is not calculating the total.
2) Also i need to calulate the average, so i should consider only the numberic values for calculating the average. Plz help.

example data in DB: 1 5 10 NA 0
Expected Results:
Total = 1+5+10 = 16
Average=16/4 (4 coz NA should not be counted)= 4

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