could not manage to get Chinese user interface

First thanks for contributing the fine software to the world.

I could not make the user interface of iReport Chinese, by doing the following.

* Make sure in Plugins -> Translation Status, "Chinese (China)" (zh_CN) was imported from JasperBabylon and the status display 99.8% translated;
* Click "Details" to check there are really translation existing for tons of phrases;
* Make sure iReport Options -> Setting dialogue shows "Chinese (China)" as the value of "Language". Strangely, the option "Chinese (China)" appears 2 times on the list of languages, may be a bug.
* Make sure iReport launches with LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.utf8 and LANG=zh_CN.utf8
* Make sure iReport restart after I did all above.


When iReport launches, only the very first phrase was translated to Chinese ("Loading iReport Settings" was translated to Chinese in the splace screen). Since the 2nd phase (which is: Setting locale), no longer Chinese. All English.

Where do I to make the UI in Chinese? This is very important for us because 99.8% of the project trainees (Chinese) does not read English.

This is the locale setting:
<br />
zhangweiwu@esmeralda:~$ locale<br />
LANG=zh_CN.UTF8<br />
LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.UTF8<br />
LC_NUMERIC=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_TIME=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_COLLATE=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_MONETARY=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_MESSAGES=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_PAPER=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_NAME=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_ADDRESS=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_TELEPHONE=zh_CN.utf8<br />
LC_MEASUREMENT=zh_CN.utf8<br />
</td></tr></tbody></table><br />
Thanks in advance.
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4 Answers:

Normally when you choose the language in iReport Options it is applied immediately. As soon as I click Apply all menus and other text changes to Chinese. (My system is not configured for Chinese display, so I see squares... but the effect is immediate.)

I see "Chinese (China)" only a single time in my list. Perhaps the problem is related to this.

My first guess is a case-sensitivity issue. I have only tested on Windows, but perhaps there is some problem on Linux.

My second guess is a classpath issue. iReport ships with some bundles. You'll find them in iReport.jar in /it/businesslogic/ireport/locale. Normally the plug-in should download the updated bundle to the file system:
~/it/businesslogic/ireport/locale. This newer file should be used in place of the one found in iReport.jar.

You could try to manually remove from iReport.jar to see if this makes a difference.

Also, you didn't mention the version of iReport that you're using. I'm working with iReport 3.0.0.

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Thank you very much for the information.

In fact I could not click "Apply" button, because this button is in gray color (disabled). And when I go to settings dialogue I see Chinese (China) is pre-selected (the first occurance of this option is pre-selected. I can select the 2nd occurance but still "Apply" button is gray). This is good because in Linux this is 100% the correct behavior (that the user's environment locale setting was the default / pre-selected for software runs in this locale).

I forgot to mention I was using iReport 3.0.0

I solved the problem with this.

1) Choose Dutch as my language, then I can click Apply (the button is enabled). The interface goes Dutch;
2) Choose Chinese as my language (I chose the second occurance of "Chinese (China)"), click "Apply";
3) The interface goes Chinese. Solved. By the way it shows the first occurance of "Chinese (China)" was selected.

So, the default pre-selection doesn't work. And it seems the developer wanted user-environment local pre-selected, and it doesn't work, which is even worse than not having user's environment locale pre-selected, because user would confuse and think they already should have Chinese interface. If an automated feature doesn't work it is always worse than there have never been this feature.

I think I should file a bug and hope in the future the user environment language was pre-selected and works.
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Great job tracking down the problem. Thanks for posting the details.

Yes, please log this as a bug [url=

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