install on mac not working

I downloaded and unzipped it on my mac. I then try to double click on the file which I assume will launch the app... Nothing happens.

any help is appreciated...

my java version is
java version "1.5.0_13"
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5 Answers:

I get the same behaviour. Moreover, if I run the JasperETL-macosx-carbon file, I briefly get this error in a Shell window, which closes.

## exec failed ##
/Users/dgay/Downloads/JasperETL-All-r12707-V2.3.2/JasperETL-macosx-carbon Permission denied

Rather unhelpful! Just in case, I tried chmod a+w on the folder, then a sudo invocation ... same thing.

Is there some way to check the Java settings or Perl dependencies, or are there some configuration steps we're generally missing? (There's another no-responses thread (Leopard) about the issue, so it's not just us two.)

Can anyone on OS X who has this working give us a hand?
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 I add the same but could get it working by adding the execute bit to the JasperETL-macosx-carbon file.

this did the trick for me : chmod 0775 JasperETL-All-r12707-V2.3.2/JasperETL-macosx-carbon

I forgot if I also hadd to do teh same for : JasperETL-All-r12707-V2.3.2/



But it works here now,


Ries van Twisk



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 I add the permissions to the two files but not working yet.

Then I click in JasperETL-All-r12707-V2.3.2/ and works!

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Changing the permission should actually do the trick. Just try something like:


chmod u+x ./JasperETL-All-r12707-V2.3.2/

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    I download the jaspersoft ETL.But its not working after extract.please help me.

when i clicking in this file "JETLXCmmty-win32-wpf" file it display the below error..

JETLXCmmty-win32-wpf.exe - Application Error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.

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