usage of tLibraryLoad?


I wonder how to use the tLibraryLoad- Component? If I'm right it's for using external libraries (e.g. .jar - Files) within my JasperETL projects.

But the first problem is: how do I integrate the component into my job process? It works when it is the first element of the job and when I connect it with the event type "OnSubjobOK" with the next (input) component, but is this right?

Second, is thee a way to import multiple jar - files within ONE tLibrary- component or do I have to cascade tLibrary- components for each library?

Third problem is: when I try to instantiate and make useage of an imported class in a tJavaRow- component it inserts code fragments like

"    String, Object>();<br />
	public void myFunction(){<br />
	  if( "</td></tr></tbody></table><br />
<br />
into the job script ( I saw this in the code view), and as the code- view is read-only I'm not able to delete this code (from where does it come anyway?)<br />
<br />
Also there is no <i>import</i> - stement generated in the head of the java- class, so I wouldn't be able to use it.<br />
<br />
Can anyone tell me please how to make tLibraryLoad work?<br />
<br />
Thank you in advance,<br />
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