iReport and Openbravo

Hi guys.
I've a problem.
I use OpenbravoERP for printing an invoice and iReport for loading the datafield.
On RptC_Invoice.jrxml, with iReport 2.0.5 i'd change the default logo whit my own (expression editor $P{BASE_WEB}+"/images/CompanyLogo_small.gif").
I'd also made a dinamic field (expression editor $F{dateinvoiced}).
I save the .jrxml file, I ovverrite the old file and I paste the RptC_Invoice.jrxml and RptC_Invoice.jasper on openbravo.war(on both of the folders openbravo.war\src-loc\design\org\openbravo\erpReports and openbravo.war\src-loc\it_IT\org\openbravo\erpReports).
I restart Tomcat and going on Http:localhost:80808/openbravo, my changes are invisible.
Also, my datainvoiced gives me error.
What can I do?
Thanks, Camelia.
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2 Answers:

Hi Camelia,

You are changing the reports the come with OpenBravo, right? I'm not familiar with the actual integration, but I'd bet they have the compiled reports (.jasper files) somewhere and are using those, not the .jrxml files that you are modifying.

I'd suggest posting to the OpenBravo forums so somebody at OpenBravo can comment on what they have done.

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hi camelia

you can't replace your jrxml file on windows explorer, you sould replace your jrxml file on your software (exp netbean)

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