special postional file structure needed

Hi all!

For a new project we have to handle special input files:
we get one big filestream from an external system.

This stream consists of data of different kinds for different various purposes. Each block of effective data (which consits of n datasets) is surronded by a packet prefix- dataset, a fore-dataset and a postfix-dataset as well as a packet end- dataset. Between these are the important sentences which are holding the data.


** packet fore- dataset projId:X **
* fore-dataset (some info) *
dataset-type1 ("real data")
dataset-type2 ("real data")
dataset-type2 ("real data")
dataset-type1 ("real data")
dataset-type2 ("real data")
* fore-dataset (some info) end forProjX *
** packet end- dataset projId:X **
** packet fore- dataset projId:Y **

The surrounding sentences are used to identify the following data structure and are holding some other information which should be used in the ETL-process. So they need to be processed, to.

Also, there can be different kinds of setnences of real data.

All this data is held in a positional text-file, problem now is that from dataset-type to dataset-type the positions are differing, so I guess am not able to use tFileInputPositional.

Any ideas how to handle this problem within JasperETL?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Stefan Mackovik
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1 Answer:

Because maybe the explantion of my problem is not exact enough, here a more precise one:

I do have a file with different kinds of datasets in it.

Every kind of dataset is defined within the first 4 characters of the line:

For example "CUST" tells us that the line is the definition of the customer, which should be updated.
This dataset is followed by a one or more sets with "ADDR" which indicates that this line contains address - information to the customer.

Then the next customer follow in another "CUST" line.

So now let's imagine that customers exist in a database and that I have to create or update the adress- entries for these customers.

How do I have to do this with JasperETL? Problem is that there are fixed postions which contain the required information, but they are not fixed for the whole file but only for the specific dataset- formats "CUST" and "ADDR".


CUSTJohn Doe
ADDR12345London Street 4

Thanks for your help!

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