tMap ok button does nothing

Hi everybody,

i'm starting to use JasperETL and i found a problem when i try to use tMap component.

I loaded demo project where i can find a job that use tMap componet. When i edit it a new window appears for editing this component but pressing OK button has no effect at all. The only way to close this editor is discarding all changes i could have made.

Im using it in W2000 with jre-6u5 Java.

Can anybody help me?

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2 Answers:


We try to be experts on JasperETL as it interacts with other JasperSoft products. In your case the issue seems internal to JasperETL; you'll probably get a quicker answer on the forums listed in the [url= sticky post on this forum.

Not that we don't want to help here... but the experts from Talend there will be able to diagnose the problem more quickly.

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me also have the same problem..tmap Ok button does nothing..How i resolve it.
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